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Located in Bellizzi , in the unique setting of Piana del Sele, DeaTerra acts as a broker in the international fruit and vegetable sector.

We are a young and dynamic company, led by an expert and qualified team that, through a combination of enthusiasm and experience , have managed over the years to create new opportunities for Italian companies operating at the margins of the foreign market.

DeATerra focusses on exporting excellent products, guaranteeing freshness and quality throughout the entire range .

About us

DeA Terra,

we export the passion!


We want high-quality products , will be available to all , readily available and affordable prices. We network with companies working in different fields of enogastronomy to offer the best of craft products at reasonable prices , thanks to a direct relationship between producer and distributor .


A long relationship with reliable partners, allows us  to deliver all over the world, guaranteeing punctuality and efficiency as we continually strive to offer quality service as well as quality products.

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